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Is Nanny Knows a nanny service?

No, this is not a nanny service. The name originated from my past experience as an Au Pair, and the challenges I saw parents face on a daily basis encouraged me to start a service helping parents to improve behavioural and developmental difficulties they face with their children to improve the lives of both parents and children. 

Why Nanny Knows?

With the challenges I saw parents face with their children, it lead me to make the decision to start Nanny Knows, as I truly believe in the well-being of our future, that is, our children. It has been a dream of mine for many years to assist parents with challenges they face at home, so that they can gain a better understanding of their children's behaviour, and aid them with childhood development. when people understand a child's developmental stage, they can better understand their behaviour and learn how to respond to a child more effectively.

What Nanny Knows is not:

Nanny Knows is not a type of therapy, but rather, a service in which you work with someone who supports you in managing the typical challenges that may arise throughout your parenting journey whilst taking care of your children. You are given evidence-based and helpful information, taught positive and conscious parenting principles and effective parenting tools, and are assisted in implementing these strategies into your lives. All advice is unique and personalized according to your family's needs. In some instances, I may refer you to some more intensive support or therapy. 

What does Nanny Knows have to offer?

Through Nanny Knows, I am focused on you becoming the parent you want to be for your children. My role is to provide education, support and assistance as well as encouragement as you implement the tools and techniques into your home. While my experience and education provide me with an expertise in this area, you remain the expert on your child. We will work as a team to find the solutions that work for you and your family. Apart from consults and support plans, as a paying "client" you can also become a member and enjoy access to all my parenting resources in the Member Vault which includes articles, videos and printables. Nanny Knows also offers additional services, so please feel free to browse all services and products.


Becoming a client is easy, all you need to do is contact me. Becoming a member is even easier, just sign up, and enjoy regular parenting resources, video lessons & tips that will change your life, as well as ongoing professional support and advice! 

If I'm not ready to become a member, is there another way to gain access to resources?

Yes, you can subscribe to my mailing list for all my free resources, or you can visit my online store to purchase items individually.

Is Nanny Knows for you?

If you are feeling exhausted, hopeless, confused and are at your wits end about how to manage your child's behaviour, developmental issues, and the challenging aspects of parenting, Nanny Knows may be the answer you are looking for! You may be looking for assistance in a specific struggle, or you may be looking for assistance on a broad spectrum of challenges. Parenting can be overwhelming, the information out there even more so, so I narrow it all down for you, ensuring simpler, easier and calmer households to ensure you are the parent to your child that you would like to be.

What types of concerns can be addressed?

The below may be some concerns you have, but are not limited to:

  • routines and transitions

  • sleep struggles

  • homework challenges, routine and assistance

  • tantrums / non-compliance and discipline

  • power struggles

  • sibling relationships

  • nutrition

  • responding to your child's emotions

  • behaviour challenges

  • developmental challenges

  • communication challenges

  • potty training

Is Nanny Knows limited to parents?

No, Nanny Knows can support not only parents, but grandparents, foster parents, guardians, child minders, nannies, au pairs or anyone else who is caring for a child or children.

What is the cost?

Costs are noted in the support plans and information booklets on the services pages. I also realize that the cost may not always be affordable to all, and I am committed to helping parents be successful and confident in their parenting to build invaluable relationships with their children, therefore I am willing to work with you to make it possible by means of payment plans etc.

Does Nanny Knows have any limitations with regards to getting support?

Absolutely not. I offer one-on-one consultations, online consultations or phone consultations depending on your geographical area as well as your personal limitations. 

Any other questions?

Please contact me should you have any other queries not yet addressed on my website.

Book Worm Bonus

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Parenting Books:

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  3. How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk - Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

  4. How to behave so your children will too - Dr Sal Severe


  1. Optimum Nutrition for your Child's Mind - Patrick Holford & Deborah Colson

  2. Think and Eat Yourself Smart - Dr. Caroline Leaf


  1. Calmer, Simpler, Easier Homework - Noël Norton

Child Development Books:

  1. DK - Baby Play for Every Day (365 activities for the first year)

  2. Word and Music Games for Toddlers and Twos - Dr Bonnie Macmillan

  3. Usbourne Parents' Guide - Entertaining and Educating Young Children

Potty Training:

  1. DK - Potty Training (Easy for your child, Easy for you)

Homeschooling Books:

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  1. The Power of Now: Eckhart Tolle


  1. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Omnibus - Richard Carlson

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