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  • Videos To Teach Kids About Mindfulness - Mindfulness Explained, Guided Meditation For Kids, Frozen Yoga, Calming Exercises, Mindfulness Game and Positive Affirmations

  • 21 Day Anger Tracker For Tweens and Teens

  • The Difference Between Natural Consequences And Punishments

  • 8 Step Planning Guide For Improved Behaviour

  • Test Your Knowledge About Your Child's Interests

  • 9 Ways To Teach Your Child The Value Of Money

  • 7 Steps To Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

  • 7 Steps How To Respond When Kids Push Your Buttons

  • 7 Strategies To Help You Become A Consistent Parent

  • The Contract For Teens - This "formal" agreement is a great way to help parents clearly outline the behaviours they expect from their kids.

  • How To Praise Your Child During Homework

  • Incentive Menus - Girls U12 / Boys U12 / Teenagers

  • The Big 5 Morning Routine Poster

  • 21 Incentives - 21 "coupons" that have been meticulously designed around the 5 Love Languages, intended to build family connection

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How To Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

  • Is your child struggling with: Speech development, Language, Comprehension or Communication?

  • This video lesson includes 6 Tips on How To Improve Your Child's Vocabulary. Also includes 3 Bonus Tips!

Baby Sign Language

  • The Benefits of Baby Sign Language

  • Watch this video of baby sign language in action!

  • As seen on YouTube with Rachel Coleman from Baby Signing Time.

  • Includes some signs for:

  1. Food

  2. Manners

  3. Directions

  4. Temperature

  5. Clothing

  6. Yes / No

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Podcast: Getting Kids To Listen by James Deas, with Cassandra Treges

"Cassandra Treges started working with kids as a nanny and pursued her passion for child behaviour and development by studying Child Psychology. She keeps herself up to date with the current parenting, behavioural, brain and child development research and information. She is also a homeschooling mother and has been helping parents to communicate better with their children through home visits, online consultation and mini-courses. Her mission is to help parents address behavioural issues in homes as early as possible so that they can better communicate with their children, that children are better understood, and that a balance can be obtained so that both parents and children develop to their full potential. In the podcast, Cassandra shared some anecdotes about her son, why she likes conscious parenting, how to make children cooperate through connection and many other helpful parenting tips that you can’t miss."

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